Kant bro, Kant giz! (Hundred country, hundred own ways)

In Brittany, the variety of costumes is indeed quite extraordinary. There are no less than 13 different costumes in Cornwall alone.

Genuine art creation, the costumes trimmed with braids, velvet and silk ribbons show refinement as well as extremely varied designs. This variety is due to a search from the geometry of popular and classic drawings but also to an invention of designs worked out by simplificating, superimposing and magnifying a given design.

No more than 50 years ago, headdresses were worn all over the country. They are now disappearing as die the elders who wore them in their daily life.

Girls prefer the fashion to the beautiful and archaic costumes of which the heavy velvet and embroidered satin skirts cost a dowry.

The « Bigoudens » are still faithful to their high mitre which has been reaching the size of a bell-tower while the size of Quimper’s mitre has decreased. However, the rural cantons of Finistère and Morbihan are nearly the only ones where, on Sundays, the church is still filled with white headdresses.